My Favorite Films of 2016

Although 2016 is already almost a month behind us, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my favorite films of the year. On a personal note, it was an excellent year for me trying new things, in no small part due to my budding pursuit of a film major and some regular attendance at… Continue reading My Favorite Films of 2016

My Week at the Movies: Part Four

Scarcely taking note of my dwindling gas tank, I drove one final time to the movie theater during the week of January 20th. It was the Sunday following the inauguration, and while the Big Events of the week had since passed, the smaller news-bites that steadily emerged throughout the day made sure to keep my… Continue reading My Week at the Movies: Part Four

My Week at the Movies: Part Three

I saw Jackie the day after the inauguration, better remembered as the day of the historic Women's March. It therefore seemed fitting on that Saturday afternoon to see a film centered around one of our nation's most captivating First Ladies. Just this morning, Natalie Portman's performance as Jackie Kennedy received an Oscar nomination in the Best Actress… Continue reading My Week at the Movies: Part Three

My Week at the Movies: Part Two

I saw Moonlight on a snap-decision the day before the inauguration. There was no better time for it. I found myself driving to the theater alone on that grey Thursday morning. I wasn't planning on meeting anyone there, but I didn't mind; if you've never taken yourself on a date to the movies, it's an experience… Continue reading My Week at the Movies: Part Two

My Week at the Movies: Part One

During the week of Donald Trump's inauguration, I went to the movies four times. I had my usual reasons for these repeat pilgrimages; it was my last week of winter vacation before going back to school, and Oscar season was fast-approaching, so I wanted to see as many potential nominees as possible while I had… Continue reading My Week at the Movies: Part One