There are two reasons as to why you could call me penniless: first, because I dislike pennies (they cost our federal government more to make than they’re worth), and second, because I’m in college. Any penny I do earn goes towards tuition and the simple pleasures a movie ticket can bring.

Similarly, there are two reasons as to why I’m an optimist: first, because I enjoy being happy; and second, because the bright side can be hard to choose, but it also tends to be warmer there, so in the process I can at least pretend that I’m in Florida or something.

All of this is to say: hi! I’m Christina, a student who loves to wax happy about the stuff she studies (namely film and literature). Pretentious blog titles and aspirations aside, I hope my posts can make us both happy and fiscally stable in the long run. Or, at least one out of the two.

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